MEGA-TECH, Inc. has over two decades of experience providing administrative support to national security-related federal agencies. With a strong background in project management and quality assurance, we tailor our administrative processes to the needs of each customer. We emphasize accuracy, timeliness and reliability in all facets of our administrative work. We are experienced in providing specialized security support to customers who rely on us to maintain the highest standards of security and a rigorous information assurance process vital to accomplishing their mission. We are also acutely aware that administrative personnel form the backbone of an office, set its day-to-day tone for those who work there and must project a professional image of the agency to those who interact with our administrative staff. Customer service excellence is inherent in our culture at MEGA-TECH; we perform highly reliable, efficient, cost-effective administrative services, with detailed attention to security protocols, enthusiastic customer service and a commitment to supporting our customers' mission.

Department of Defense/Defense Technology Security Administration (DOD/DTSA)

MEGA-TECH has been providing Export Control Specialists to DTSA since 1994. Our personnel support their mission of monitoring the export of military and dual use equipment. Their support to DTSA's work of reviewing license export applications for a wide variety of defense technologies is critical to the Administration's mission of "Ensuring the Edge" in U.S. technology and national security.

DTRA: Defense Threat Reduction Agency

MEGA-TECH has been providing systems and analytical support to the Open Skies Treaty since 1990. We ensure the continued operation of the information system that notifies U.S. stakeholders of a scheduled fly-over of U.S. territory by other treaty signatories. We prepare equipment for U.S. personnel when they are assigned to accompany other signatories' flights and when they are tasked with flying over and photographing other signatories' territories.

Department of Transportation/Maritime Administration (DOT/MARAD)

MEGA-TECH provides complete conference management support to the Marine Transportation Systems National Advisory Council (MTSNAC), a chartered entity comprised of highly experienced maritime subject matter experts who provide recommendations to improve ports and marine highways to the Secretary of Transportation. We facilitate and manage every aspect of the MTSNAC conferences, including travel, registration, facilitation, webinars and the creation of post-conference reports.

Department of Transportation/Federal Aviation Administration (DOT/FAA)

MEGA-TECH has provided highly skilled administrative, information technology (Configuration Management) and financial support to the FAA's Air Traffic Control Facility Directorate. Our financial support includes preparing reports for analysis using FAA's financial systems such as PRISM and DELPHI and providing records management services.

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